miniPoints Rewards Program

Here at miniJon, we believe in the joy of sharing. Each time you purchase something from our store, you will earn a certain amount of miniPoints. After collecting a certain amount, you can exchange the points for special rewards.

To earn these awesome rewards, you first must own a membership account with us in order for us to reward you. By being our member, you will receive first-hand store updates, sales and your future checkouts will also be faster too.


If you don't have a membership account, you can click here to sign up. It's FREE and you'll get 100 miniPoints upon registration!


To understand how you can earn more points and what rewards you can exchange these points for, please refer to the chart below:


miniPoints Collection & Rewards

How to earn 
 miniPoints awarded
Create a member account

+ 100

Your birthday

+ 100

Make an order with us + 2 for every S$1 spent
  • Refer miniJon to your friends and family
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Like our Facebook Page
  • Share our Facebook Page
+ 50 for each action

To earn these awesome rewards, you must first create an accountIt's FREE and you'll get 100 miniPoints upon registration.


Upon Succesful Registration

Follow these steps to collect your first 100 miniPoints:

  • You will receive an email notification which you have to activate your account from.
  • Once you have activated your account, you will have to set your account password.
  • Upon successful activation, you will receive an email to collect your first 100 miniPoints! 

To earn more miniPoints, follow these steps:

  • Visit our store and click on the 'Earn miniPoints and get BIG rewards!' tab.
  • Click on the 'Earn More miniPoints' or 'Learn more' tab.
  • Click on any of the action tabs and you will be redirected to our social media page. 
  • To receive your special birthday gift, click on 'Your Birthday' tab, add your birthdate and click 'Save'. You'll receive your gift from us when your birthday arrives.

*To collect your rewards and/ or review your miniPoints balance anytime, simply click on the 'Earn miniPoints and get BIG rewards' tab.

*Birthdate has to be added one month before your birthday in order to receive your birthday gift from us and this cannot be changed. 

*You can review your Order History and/ or edit your Account Information by signing in to your account anytime.