About miniJon

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At miniJon, we specialise in realistic yet adorable food jewelry, accessory and miniatures that are made by hand, not machines. Be it young or old, guy or girl, birthdays or anniversaries, our products make great gifts for all ages, gender and occasions.

Each product of ours is 5% manufactured materials, 95% handmade – from product design, sculpting, curing till the end packaging, each process is specially done by us to ensure quality and a warm personal-touch.


As all of our products are handmade, each of them is one of a kind and comes with a special story to tell. Each piece is meticulously-detailed and comes from the very bottom of our hearts.

A Hand-made Journey

Sparked by the sudden curiosity in clay works and with the goal of spreading the notion of hand-making, miniJon was established on March 15, 2013 only as a blogshop, launching its online store only six months after establishment. Back then, it was named as ' theMisterJonathans', subsequently 'Jonathan's House' and till today as miniJon. 

Today, miniJon has sold over thousands of miniature foods worldwide and is still continuing to spread the notion of hand-making by delivering an extra personal touch in every product we make.