About Jonathan


Hi, I'm Jonathan, the boy who's behind crafting and managing your miniJon sweet treats! Through miniJon, I've innovated a whole new story of my life by combining my dream of having a brand I can call my own and not to mention my love for hand-making and everything DIY.


I enjoy doing arts and crafts since I was 4 and still enjoy playing with different mediums of art even till today. I was really into drawing comics and always envision myself publishing my own comic books one day, but my passion didn't last long and gradually my dream of becoming a comic artist died down.

Though I love all kinds of arts and crafts as a child, I enjoy playing with plasticine and clay the most because it gives endless possibilities to create something out of imagination. Having remembered playing with these mediums, I went online to search for clay and saw numerous tutorials, but the one particular video that caught my attention was sculpting realistic-looking miniature food using clay. I dashed straight to the art store, got some clay, tried sculpting and brought it to school the next morning hoping to impress my friends.

Numerous people suggested that I should sell them and so I dug out all of my bank money as investments and began churning out handmade accessories. Being a simple-minded boy back then, I started out as an Instagram blogshop and named it 'theMisterJonathans'. Through years of persistence, self-innovation and improvements, I rebranded into today's miniJon and has sold over thousands of handmade accessories worldwide from the day I started.

Though I'm currently pursuing a diploma in Multimedia and Animation and aspire to become a Graphic Designer, miniJon will always be apart of me that I'll never let go.